• At a Glance

    I love being an artist. During the many years of effort to achieve excellence in my art as well as my relationships with my clients I have bridged a gap that has been a challenge for many artists that I have met. My number one job is to make you look like a genius for hiring me. End of story.

  • Goldfish

    These remarkable little fish are a delight to photograph and draw.

  • The Bears

    The BEARS were inspired by the opportunity to create a new vision of the black bear for the Gatlinburg area. We have a store there and I just would not follow the standard route and present the bears like everyone else.

  • Flowers

    The Iris has always been one of my favorites, along with the Rose and the Lily. I have taken hundreds of photos of dozens of different flowers and will be happy to create images based on those or new images.

  • Abstracts

    My abstracts paintings are the outgrowth of my entire school experience where I would doodle during class. These certainly have taken doodling to an extreme level but, just like a doodle, they are all spontaneous creations. These are what I create for relaxation.

  • Portraits

    After winning my first city wide portrait competition in second grade I knew that I would pursue this till the end. The photos I take are always based on a friendly interview where I get to know the person whose likeness is going to be an extension about who they are and who they are striving to become.

  • Landscapes ETC

    I like landscapes and have created them for my own enjoyment and for many clients. I find they are an indispensable part of many of my pieces of art, especially portraits.

  • Homage to the Masters

    Various studies and tributes to the masters of the brush.

  • Art for God

    This series has the singular responsibility to challenge men and women to contemplate higher realities about a creatures potential relationship with others as well as their creator. I have no axe to grind promoting any denomination or religion, as all my followers worldwide know. I simply see a magnificent universe and wish to understand in on a spiritual level as well as studying it from a scientific level.

"So you're the guy that painted that!"

Stephen Sawyer's artwork has been sold worldwide for nearly twenty years.

Starting in 2011 his focus has turned to licensing. After traveling around the world promoting and selling his art since 1995 he is ready for a new challenge, the opportunity to travel less and create more art for market driven clients who know what they need and want.

Stephen has been solving unique art projects and problems for clients for many years.

He has won awards and accolades for his portrait work, charmed the hearts of countless others with his lighthearted artwork, and created art that has been used by corporations, hotels, hospitals, churches, tattoo parlors, counselors, fire departments, police stations, prisons, restaurants, and countless thousands of homes.